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  Automatic Investors

  Automatic Investor:
A powerful Investment tool that takes advantage of market volatility to provide superior returns and minimize risk, automatically. Unparalleled ease of use and functionality make it the best software of its kind. Period.

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Before You Invest Another Penny in the Stock Market...

Take Automatic Investor for a FREE test-drive. Automatic Investor is a state-of-the-art portfolio management software package designed to increase your returns, minimize your risk and save you time.

Automatic Investor: Automated, Mechanical Investment Software

Your Investments Should be Creating a Better Life for You...

Are your investments giving you the financial security you want and need? Are you happy with your returns? Are you minimizing your risk in the markets?

If your investments aren't meeting these basic requirements, they should be -- and more importantly, they can be.

An effective investment strategy is all about following a proven, disciplined, well thought out plan. And Automatic Investor offers you all this in one easy to use software system.

This is the same innovative system that provided over three times the returns achieved using the Buy and Hold strategy with over 5 years. And Automatic Investor did it with 50% LESS risk. (See the details.)

Automatic Investor also beat the Buy and Hold strategy using the Dow, Nasdaq 100, S&P 100 and S&P 500 over 5, 7 and 10 year periods (view the details here).

I have been an investor for close to 40 years... stocks, mutual funds, gold, I've done them all on a buy and hold basis... but the Automatic Investor software beats all that I have ever seen. My weakness in the past is that I have not had a good SELL program. [Now] Automatic Investor is forcing me to sell as the stock goes up, WONDERFUL!

 Bob Edwards
North Carolina

Incredibly Intelligent Investment Advice...

Automatic Investor is the complete tool for investors of all levels, from the inexperienced to the veteran, who want a proven, disciplined and reliable investment method.

Automatic Investor gives you the power to implement a mechanical, emotion-free investment plan that provides precise, 100% objective recommendations on when to buy and sell -- and you'll manage your investments in less than 5 minutes a day.

It's based on Robert Lichello's best-selling book on Automatic Investment Management (or AIM). This is the same Million-copy best seller that's been in constant publication since the 1970s and is currently in its fourth edition.

But Automatic Investor goes much further.

Using Lichello's method as a starting point, Automatic Investor adds the latest AIM innovations, includes Asset Allocation functionality based on the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory techniques and marries it all to the latest technology in order to create an easy-to-use package from which anyone can benefit.

It manages all your investments, whether they're mutual funds, stocks or bonds.

You research and choose the investments that go into your portfolio, Automatic Investor then takes over to efficiently manage your holdings.

What's more, Automatic Investor turns your computer into a tireless analyst, researcher and advisor that's available 24 hours a day, gives smart, proven advice and uses cool, calculating logic to reach decisions.

After having used Automatic Investor during a rocky and volatile market phase, I'm very grateful that I purchased the software. Investors on the various stock message boards are confused and bailing out of their stock holdings, but with Automatic Investor I'm picking up great stocks at bargain prices. It takes all the emotion out of buying and selling. I couldn't be happier...
Thank you so much.

 James Hanratty

And Automatic Investor's user interface was designed from the ground up so that it's a snap to use. Plus it's seamlessly integrated with the Internet for the ultimate in convenience and power.

Automatic Investor Does the Work so You Don't Have To...

With Automatic Investor, you'll know exactly when to buy, sell and hold your investments. You'll also know the precise price at which to buy and sell. There's no guessing or speculating.

You'll profit from Automatic Investor's crystal clear recommendations, and lack of time won't be an issue because it takes less than 5 minutes a day to update your entire portfolio.

Automatic Investor also offers you the power to back-test thousands of stocks and mutual funds with just a few mouse clicks.

Run historical analysis and compare results with the buy and hold strategy effortlessly. In fact, up to 40 years of daily historical data can be analyzed in less than 10 minutes.

I ran a historical report on [my stock]. If I had placed $10,000 into it one year ago, I would have made 11%. If I had used the Automatic Investor software, I would have made 66%. This is a significant increase in returns. All I can say is WOW!

 Dr. Mark Collins

Automatic Investor is Every Investor's Ticket to Increased Returns...

No other AIM software package offers a total investing solution combining ALL of the groundbreaking features in Automatic Investor.

And no other package (or web-based tool) was designed based on the proven principles formulated by the greatest minds in the investment world...

...the minds of Ben Graham (who Warren Buffett called the greatest investor who ever lived) and Nobel Laureates Professor Bill Sharpe and Harry Markowitz.

Now you can have the SAME advantage as the most experienced investment experts -- the same tools and features used everyday by professional money managers.

And of course, no matter where you are in Automatic Investor, no matter what you're doing, you can always click the "HELP" button for quick access to the comprehensive user's guide that'll walk you through everything from setting up your first portfolio to fundamentally analyzing your stocks to using Modern Portfolio Theory and correctly diversifying your assets.

With most investment software, you don't have a complete solution.

You don't have an integrated way to analyze your securities, allocate your assets according to a proven, Nobel Prize-winning, method and then automatically manage all of your investments -- receiving crystal clear buy, sell and hold recommendations -- in less than 10 minutes a day.

But that is EXACTLY what Automatic Investor is set up to do.

If you're an investor looking for a COMPLETE package that will manage all facets of your portfolio, then Automatic Investor is for you.

No matter how experienced you are are... No matter if you're just starting out... using the capabilities of Automatic Investor, you can begin to effectively manage your investments faster and easier than ever before.

And here's the best part...

With Automatic Investor You NEVER Have to Worry About "Add-on" or "Additional" Fees!

That's because we're offering all of these high-caliber features, tools, and capabilities for a ridiculously low one-time fee.

You get the whole package, including the:

Fundamental Analyzer.

Modern Portfolio Theory Asset Allocator.

RSS News Reader.

Genetic Parameter Optimizer.

Built-in Models.

Historical Analyzer.

Portfolio Manager and of course the...

Automated 100% objective recommendations.

Every single one of the tools that you need to invest profitably, and to do it with much less risk and in much less time, can now be yours for just $297 U.S.

When you compare the huge value you're getting, when you see other programs, hyped in TV infomercials, charging thousands of dollars for products that don't do a tenth of what Automatic Investor does, you'll quickly realize that top quality investment software doesn't have to be expensive.

And don't forget that your software could be tax deductible as an investment expense. Depending on your tax bracket, its actual cost could be up to 40% less, once your bookkeeper deducts it on your tax return... so be sure to remind him.

Plus, if you have any questions, Automatic Investor's top-notch customer support team will be there for you!

This is by far THE best customer service I have ever received. You have a winning formula of technology coupled with a real caring touch.

 R. Robson
North Carolina

Try It for Yourself, Risk-Free!

Automatic Investor is the most powerful investment software of its kind. No one has created a more comprehensive software package than this one.

In fact, if all you received was this outstanding investment application, you’d have everything you need to invest better than ever before...

But there's more! To make your investing experience even more rewarding you'll get an amazing bonus...

Revealed -- "The Art of Money Getting"
A Guaranteed Bonus When You Order Now

If you order right now you're guaranteed this incredible bonus that shows you the truth about getting rich.

Written by P.T. Barnum (yes, the circus Magnate), it distills everything he learned in many long years of running his multi-million dollar businesses into 21 easily understood chapters of pure gold. It's brimming with crystal-clear advice you can use to quickly understand what it takes to build your fortune.

It's a powerful education that will instantly put you on the road to increased wealth. No fluff, no filler, no crazy schemes. Just pure, tested and proven facts.

But that's not all! You'll also get...

"The Science of Getting Rich"
Another Guaranteed Bonus When You Order

Wallace D. Wattles wrote this clear, practical book on prosperity. Here's a small excerpt from Chapter 2...

"The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich."

And there's still one final bonus...

"Lichello's Golden Little Secret"
Still Another Guaranteed Bonus When You Order Now

When you order we'll send you David Gressett's eBook, Lichello's Golden Little Secret, too.

David's book contains powerful examples you can use to quickly understand the concepts behind Automatic Investor so you can wring out even higher returns.

You'll receive all three of these phenomenal bonus digital books FREE when you order your Automatic Investor software package.

Look at what you get:

An emotion-free, mechanical way to automatically BUY LOW and SELL HIGH.

Two built-in Asset Allocation strategies. Use the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory technique or use Nobel Laureate William Sharpe's Sharpe Ratio instead.

A Powerful Portfolio Manager Module.

A state-of-the-art Historical Analyzer so you can backtest any stock over any time period. You can even backtest multiple stocks at the same time!

Two integrated Optimizers. Use a best-of-breed Brute-Force Optimizer to create your own Investment Models or use an Advanced Genetic Algorithm-based Optimizer to create Models faster than ever before.

A built-in, fully customizable, RSS News Reader that delivers up-to-the-minute News stories directly to your desktop.

A comprehensive, easy to read, 100 page user's guide that explains every single feature in complete detail.

A Personal Stock advisor.

Charts and Reports.

The ability to use your own Historical Stock quote data, including .csv files.

Free Stock quotes.

Free Historical data.

Free Software updates.

Three FREE bonus electronic books.

Top Notch Customer Support and much, much more...

Investing for yourself doesn't have to be risky, frustrating or stressful. With Automatic Investor it can be easier, safer and most of all... very profitable.

See for yourself, right now, how simple it is to make money in the stock market when emotions are removed.

Try Automatic Investor RISK-FREE or simply Order your copy Now!

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